Cloche Terrarium Kit




Cloche Terrarium Kit

We are proud to introduce one of our newest Terrarium Kits. The Cloche terrariums have an elegant but simple design.

“Cloche,” French for “bell,” is so named because these glass enclosures were shaped like bells in the 18th century when French gardeners used them to protect their plants.

A cloche is a glass lid or dome that serves a purpose similar to a terrarium or greenhouse: The vent holes create an enclosed environment suitable for many kinds of plants. We loved the combination with a single succulent and a few natural elements of bark and moss.

Your Cloche Terrarium can be placed in an area the has bright light but avoid direct sunlight.

The kit is very easy to assemble and you’ll be enjoying your tabletop garden within minutes. Caring for a cloche terrarium is so easy and requires only a few tablespoons of water every two weeks.

The Cloche Kit will include:

1 – 7″ Tall x 5″ Wide glass cloche that is vented to promote good air circulation.

Stones to provide drainage.

Soil mix that is specially formulated for terrariums.

Mosses and bark add an extra special touch.

1 – Succulent plant. Choose from the available varieties.

First Photo – Echeveria Parva

Second Photo – Zebra Plant

Third Photo – Echeveria Topsy Turvy

Additional information

Choose your Succulent.

Zebra Succulent, Echeveria Topsy Turvy, Echeveria Parva