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Exotic Grapevine Ball Basket - 6"

Exotic Grapevine Ball Basket – 6″


Available Again Soon!

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Product Description

This adorable grapevine ball is a garden art treasure.  Our hand crafted grapevine ball baskets will add a touch of uniqueness to any place it is hung.  We plant the inside of our ball baskets with beautiful large exotic succulents and have a few dripping through the sides hanging elegantly to catch a breeze. Display hanging in the garden, under a gazebo or in your office. Exotic Succulents prefer filtered bright light and will thrive for years of enjoyment with very minimal care.  Water once a week in the warm months and every two weeks in the winter. Protect from frost. Grapevine ball is 6″.

The grapevine ball is made to be hung but can also be displayed sitting on any flat surface.

Truly a unique colorful piece of living art.  Can be hung alone or made into a grouping using different sizes.