Sticks on Fire


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Euphorbia ‘Sticks of Fire’ succulent plant. This Euphorbia is a crowd favorite and can be found in many landscapes. It can grow really tall but is usually seen in the 6-10 ft range. It’s pencil-like branches turn bright red in full sun exposure. It will branch as it grows. Great container plant or landscape plant. Adds a nice touch of bright color to your home decor.

This plant will tolerate full sun to part shade. Avoid soggy and cold soil.

Peak growth season: Fall / Spring   Dormant in the winter

Transition your plant to the sun slowly after transplanting. A few days of bright shade / filtered light and then gradually introduce small amounts of the morning sun.

Water when soil is dry to the touch, but do not overwater. May rot if too damp. Will require more water in the Summer.

Protect from frost.  Small planters can be brought indoors or stored for the winter months.

6″ sold in a 3″ container.  The 10″ and larger will ship bare-root

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6" Tall, 10" Tall, 15" Tall