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Our Signature Succulent Wreath
Our Signature Succulent Wreath

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Available Again Soon!

Product Description

Signature Succulent Wreaths

Each one of our succulent wreaths is carefully made by hand, using an assortment of succulent varieties. Beautiful succulents are artistically placed into our moss-filled wreath frame, creating the most pleasing color and texture combinations.  Our succulent wreaths are a full 15″ and create a stunning piece of living garden art.

The succulents will continue to grow and fill in over time. Our wreaths will live for years with minimal care. Just place in a area that receives half to a full day of sun and water with regular soakings when the moss becomes dry (about 5-7 days in the summer and about 10 days in the winter.)

All the succulents are hardy and can withstand cold temperatures so there is no need to protect from every frost. In northern areas the succulent centerpieces can be brought in for the winter and placed in a sunny location  or left outside and covered.

If you live in a southern warm area of the country – zones 8 – 10 you can leave your wreath displayed outdoors year round.  Succulent centerpieces include a chain for display options and full care instructions will come with every order.

Great gift idea.

Hardy for zones 3 – 10.


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