Vintage Milk Bottle Terrarium Kit


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Vintage Milk Bottle Terrarium Kit

Back to the Simpler Times.

In celebration of all the dairy farm families that raised the cattle, grew the feed and milked the cows. They delivered the milk to the doorsteps, picked up the empty bottles and then did the whole process over and over again.

We make our milk bottle kits using authentic vintage milk bottles that were used in the 1940s by our family at the Cable Lake Dairy in Wisconsin.  We were fortunate to find a couple hundred bottles in the old barn that survived the years.  We wanting to keep them all because of sentimental value, but decided we would rather see them turned into objects of beauty and enjoyed by people who appreciate them.

Our terrarium kits are fun to plant, easy to maintain and make a truly unique one of a kind gift.

Kit includes…

1 – Large 1/2 Gallon Vintage Milk Bottle –  Antique bottles are one of a kind, and colors vary from an almost clear to a pink cast. Each one will be unique.

1 – Vintage Milk Bottle Cap.  Be sure to notice the phone number ” #200 ” on the cap.

Assorted Succulent Cuttings – cuttings will be specially prepared and ready to plant.  Cutting varieties may vary from the photo.

Terrarium Soil


Activated Charcoal

Decorative Stones and Mosses

Bamboo Planting Tool

Special Watering Tool

We include easy-to-follow planting and care instructions.


Terrariums add a bit of natural beauty to your home or office and only require minimal watering . Your terrarium can be displayed in any brightly lit room.  A windowsill that does not get direct sunlight makes a wonderful home for this miniature garden.

Terrariums make a welcome gift, either as a  DIY kit or as your own finished piece of art.

Size  4″ tall x  10.5″ long