The outdoor gardens at Simply Succulents® greenhouse and nursery in Cable, Wisconsin is where you’ll find our latest piece of creative garden “art”…a refurbished old outhouse! We gave this vintage throne a special re-roofing job featuring our succulent plants. The roof was refurbished and reworked to hold a bed of sphagnum moss harvested right here on our property. The succulents were bedded in the sphagnum moss and a hose was snaked through the moss to deliver water to the plants when needed. We tied down the moss with line and planted with our hardy succulent plants including sempervivum and sedums. We love sharing creative gardening and planting ideas for our collections of hardy succulent plants. They are some many uses for these versatile plants. We invite you to please visit our web site to view some of our latest succulent creations including our living topiary sculptures and landscaping ideas created with our sempervivum, sedum, jovibarba, sempervivum heuffelii and arachnoideum.