DIY Kits with Succulents for Group Events

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Thank you for your interest in our DIY Succulent Kits!

We love helping groups plan successful, exciting events.  DIY kits are a great activity for a workshop or virtual happy hour or an event like a birthday party or retirement party. These kits are easy to put together and make a unique lasting piece of living art for your home or office.

We make it easy and affordable! For group orders, we have a special discounted price per kit. We use your list of names, you make a one-time payment charged at the time of shipping and we deliver the individual orders to your group.

Prices include all the materials to assemble the kit, boxing, labeling, and any notes or cards that you want to provide.

Each kit includes all the pieces needed to make a terrarium or a stone planter, or a Kokedama moss ball.  Each kit will also have its own set of instructions for assembly and care.

We ship the kits out about one week ahead of the event so all the participants have their kits in plenty of time. We include a note on how to easily keep the little succulents happy until they are planted during the event. We collect the succulents from our greenhouses the day before shipping so they are always fresh and we can choose the best colorful varieties to complement each type of kit.

It is best to place your order at least 2 weeks ahead of your event, but if it’s a shorter notice we always do our best to accommodate your schedule.

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Stay connected with a DIY Event!

Corporate Events

From Team Building workshops to Virtual Happy Hour activities.

We are finding many companies have now embraced full-time or part-time remote work policies. This makes staying connected and inspired more important than ever.

Team building events help boost employee confidence, goodwill, and morale. The events also provide a unique opportunity for employees to spend time together in a non-work environment.

Our Succulent Kits are designed to be all-inclusive and easy to assemble.

We’ll mail a kit directly to everyone’s door, giving them everything they need for a wonderful experience and a lasting piece of living art. Their new terrarium can be displayed in their home office or somewhere throughout their home as a reminder of the great people they work with.

Family Gatherings

Stay connected with your family and friends with a fun activity for the whole group. It’s not always easy to get the whole family together for a holiday or special event. Zoom can make your gathering easy and having a hands-on activity to create together will make lasting memories. We can ship a DIY kit of your choice to all the individual addresses for the group.  We time them to arrive a few days ahead of the gathering so everyone is ready for the fun. It’s a great way to bring people together across the miles.


Retirement Parties

Choosing one of our Terrarium Kits as an activity brings the group together with a hands-on project. The Terrarium Bowl Kits are easily assembled for all ages and easy to maintain.

Birthday Parties

All ages enjoy terrarium building and we offer some of the cutest choices for the youngest people in the group. Our kits include brightly colored succulents, stones, gravel, and mosses.  They also include clear acrylic bowls which are safe for children to assemble and care for. Children are so proud of their little gardens and it helps them to learn responsibility for the little plants that need their care.

Kits for kids make a fun birthday party activity and great party favors to bring home.

Teacher’s Gifts

Choosing from one of our Kit for Kids makes a great teacher’s gift.  What a nice way to say thank you and honor a special teacher. Its also a gift that the whole classroom will enjoy watching grow.

Customers Love These Kits!

“I ordered over 100 terrarium kits for all employees working from home and everyone loved it! The ordering and processing from beginning to end was very easy. The best part about this was that we were able to put the terrariums together ourselves. We all found it extremely fun and interactive – something to look forward to putting on our desks when we return! Thank you!”


Crystal Terrarium

Shop Our Fun DIY Terrarium Kits Perfect for Group Events & Gifts!

Contact us for ideas and group discounted pricing. We’ve had great feedback from our customers after they’ve hosted fun, successful team-bonding events, given corporate gifts, held virtual happy hours and thrown kids birthday parties with our DIY kits!