Hardy Sempervivums

Hardy (Cold Tolerant) Succulents for Sale

Sempervivum succulents are more commonly known as “hen and chicks” and are a beautiful hardy perennial succulents. The name sempervivum means “live-forever” and they are well adapted to thrive in some of the leanest soils and drought conditions. Sempervivums form low-growing rosettes of succulent leaves that come in a large variety of sizes, colors, and textures. Each spring the rosette produces new offsets (chicks). These clumps will spread into beautiful dense clusters of attractive growth. They thrive in sunny areas and require good draining soil. They also make great container plants

We grow our Sempervivum plants in 2.5″ pots, which is a larger size than most industry standards.  This allows for more soil volume, a more extensive root system, and larger rosettes, many of which will be producing chicks.  We are proud to offer healthy, hardy (cold tolerant) sempervivum succulent plants having superior quality

The colors of Sempervivums are always changing and for many different reasons.  Fertilizer, the amount of sunlight they receive, and even the time of year will vary the colors.  Enjoy the many shades of each variety.  Spring and summer have the most vibrant colors while fall and winter will have more muted shades.

“I received my order today and what incredible,beautiful plants. They were much larger then I expected for the low price, packed well. You have a customer for life ! I have ordered from other places but the quality was not there. Superb quality,fast shipping and great prices.” Ronald K, Chicago IL      May 2, 2019