Zen Sand Garden


Zen Sand Garden – Relax and unwind.


Zen Sand Garden – Get back to your natural calm.

Relax, destress, and unwind.

Handcrafted wooden zen gardens make a peaceful and inviting sculpture for your desk or coffee table. Perfect for the office, a waiting room, or on a table where you enjoy your morning coffee. As the rake waves through the sand and curves around the rocks, be fully present in the moment. It is believed that raking the sand of the Zen garden and creating patterns can help calm your mind.

Our gardens include soft, soothing sugar sand that is so easy to make patterns and smooth round stones to compliment your sand drawing.  The zen rake is the perfect tool for smoothing the sand and creating drawings. From simple waves in the sand to unique patterns. We accent every garden with a mound of emerald green mood moss.

We have an echeveria succulent planted in the corner pocket of your zen garden planter. The blue-grey echeveria has a lotus flower shape also common in zen gardening. It is very easy to care for requiring a little water every couple of weeks.  We include a handy watering tool to help you water the amount needed to keep your plants thriving beautifully.

The Zen Garden includes warm-colored sugar sand, ready to draw patterns and a wooden rake for the sculpting.

We hope our Zen Gardens will help you relax and bring you back to your natural calm.


Zen Sand Garden will include:

10″ x 10″ hand-crafted wooden frame

1 Chinese mudman figurine

6″ wooden zen sand rake

Bag of soft sugar sand

Assorted round smooth stones

1 Clump of mood moss

Echeveria succulent plant

Watering tool

Complete care instructions.